Dash Community is a github organization separate from, and complementary to, the main dashpay organization. The dashcommunity organization hosts repositories for various purposes - something for everyone.

This platform aims to increase community contribution and continue the general decentralization of Dash. It achieves this by lowering the barrier to entry and raising the financial incentive for software developers, writers, marketers, and anyone else to use and contribute to Dash.

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Members of this organization who join and contribute content to Dash Community will be compensated according to the table below. Payments are contingent on approval of the proposal to the Dash masternode operators

Compensation for Community Participation
Description Reward Cost
First 10 people to join and contribute 1.0 DASH 10 DASH
Next 20 people to join and contribute 0.5 DASH 10 DASH
Remaining people who join 10 DASH
Discretionary (for blogs, guides, etc) 20 DASH
Total 50 DASH
  1. Fill out the form below to receive an invitation to the organization
  2. Explore the repository and the project management board
  3. Contribute some dash-related code:
  4. Help lobby the masternode operators to fund the project

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