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Proposal - Dash Community

An open platform that incentivizes collaborative content and projects



This proposal is to fund the creation and maintenance of what I'm calling "Dash Community". Dash Community is an open platform that incentivizes collaborative projects and content, using a transparent, powerful, and relatively easy-to-use hosting service, i.e. Github.

Specifically, it is a github organization separate from, and complementary to, the main dashpay organization. The dashcommunity organization hosts repositories for various purposes - something for everyone. I'm proposing it in order to increase community contribution and continue the general decentralization of Dash. It will achieve this by lowering the barrier to entry and raising the financial incentive for software developers, writers, marketers, and anyone else to use and contribute to Dash.

I'm requesting one single payment of 250 DASH for this project. This covers primarily my own time, but 20% of the total will be redistributed back to community members who participate in the project.


"Having lots of people involved with Dash is what makes it successful!" - Evan Duffield

The primary motivation for this project is to increase the value of Dash. As Evan's sentiment above suggests, I believe this is best achieved through sustainable community growth. For growth to be sustainable, two things are required:

The two go hand in hand; Dash becomes more decentralized as independent community members contribute to it. This is obvious to some, but it bears repeating and expounding upon. I have begun to make the case more explicit in this blog post about decentralization.

Many people are eager to contribute to Dash, but many are not sure where or how to begin. Or, they know where and how, but they cannot financially justify altruistically contributing to the project. To increase community contribution, two things are required:

There are many useful tools and resources in the Dash ecosystem:

These resources are very helpful for reference and use, but are somewhat restricted in terms of accessibility and contribution. The community cannot directly help build on and improve these resources. An open platform would provide opportunities for individuals and teams to build products and services that anyone else can easily contribute to and integrate with. Dash new-comers will benefit from the additional learning resources produced (guides, blog posts, etc). This lowers the barrier to entry for both experienced content creators and interested new-comers.

A portion of the funds requested for this project will be distributed to people who join and contribute to Dash Community. This raises the incentive to enter as a Dash contributor. The lowered barrier and raised incentive increase participation, which yields a more decentralized project, which sustainably raises the value of Dash.


Part of the Dash Community infrastructure (the Github organization and repositories within) has already been built. Part is planned, but not yet built, and much more is possible. This proposal is a request for reimbursement for the cost incurred (time spent) bringing it to the present state, as well as a request for further funding to improve it and support the community in using it.

The following sub-sections will list what I've accomplished, what I plan to do throughout the month (during voting), and what I plan to do contingent on project funding. This document (the proposal) may remain unedited once submitted, but I will be continually updating the project management board throughout this and next month. My requested budget is fixed, but the effort and deliverables you can expect from me will likely increase if there is interest. Stop by occassionally, or watch the repo for updates.

Completed Deliverables (D1.x)
  1. Dash Community organization (Github)
  2. Dash Community landing page
  3. Guides
    1. Create a proposal from a template
    2. Create a proposal template
    3. Set up a masternode
    4. Set up a virtual private server
    5. Submit a proposal to the dash network
  4. Proposal templates
    1. Simple
    2. Detailed
  5. Proposals
  6. Blog
  7. Sample project management board
October Deliverables (D2.x)
  1. Expanded community (support)
  2. Updated landing page for Dash Community)
  3. Landing pages for guides and blog
  4. Status report template
  5. Status report every two weeks showing progress and any required re-scoping and/or re-scheduling
November Deliverables (D3.x)
  1. Expanded community (support)
  2. Proposal with re-scoped project (according to community and masternode operator feedback/desires)
  3. Status reports every two weeks showing progress and any required re-scoping and/or re-scheduling
  4. Payments to people who join and make at least one meaningful commit to the organization


Table 1 below lists the key deliverables with anticipated completion dates.

Table 1 - Project Milestones
ID Description Completion Date Comment
M1 D1.1 through D1.7 2016-10-18 done already
M2 D2.1, D3.1 (support) continual expand platform / community support
M3 D2.2, D2.3 (landing pages) 2016-10-21 create /blog, /guides, main sites
M4 D2.4 (status report) 2016-11-02 delivered before voting ends
M5 D3.2 (new proposal) 2016-11-09 re-scope and deliver new proposal
M6 D3.3 (status reports) 2016-11-16 second status report on 2016-11-30
M7 D3.4 (payments) 2016-12-01 all promised payments sent at latest


Total proposed project costs are summarized in Table 2.

The costs to perform the deliverables and milestones above are based on expected (and expended) time required to perform the item, along with a given billable rate. All of this work is exclusively my own, and is billed at 5 DASH/hr. Details are shown in Table 3.

In addition to my time, I would like to compensate community members. I propose paying all community members who join and contribute at least one meaningful commit to the organization. Proposed rates are shown in Table 4.

Itemized Costs
Table 2 - Cost Summary
Item Cost Units Comment
Deliverables 200 DASH See Table 3
Community Partcipation 50 DASH See Table 4
Total 250 DASH
Table 3 - Compensation for Deliverables
Cost Description Time Rate Cost Comment
C1 D1.1 - D1.7 40 hrs 5 DASH/hr 200 DASH Work to date
C2 D2.1 - D2.4 20 hrs 5 DASH/hr 100 DASH Projected October work
C3 D3.1 - D3.5 20 hrs 5 DASH/hr 100 DASH Projected November work
C4 Proposal fee 5 DASH/hr 5 DASH Reimburse this proposal
Subtotal 405 DASH
Discount -205 DASH >50% off, I love Dash!
Total 200 DASH
Table 4 - Compensation for Community Participation
Cost Description Reward Cost Comment
C5 First 10 people... 1.0 DASH 10 DASH ...who make 1 or more commits
C6 Next 20 people... 0.5 DASH 10 DASH ...who make 1 or more commits
C7 Remaining people 10 DASH split between remaining who join
C8 Discretionary 20 DASH for great content (blogs, guides, etc)
Total 50 DASH

I am requesting one single payment of 250 DASH to cover the following:


If the project is funded I will develop another separate proposal to continue supporting the project into future months. The scope, schedule, and budget for that revision will be based on community feedback.

This project can grow as large as we wish. The more financial incentive we can offer the more expansive the platform will become, which will lead to a healthier, more decentralized ecosystem. The platform is ideal for

"Anyone, with any skill set (software, quality assurance, automation, admin, marketing, legal, etc) is needed." - Evan Duffield